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A little bit about Masai Mara

Rolling hills, sprawling savannahs, dramatic river crossings and of course... more wildlife and adventure than any movie could ever portray. Welcome to the Masai Mara, home to the lions of ‘Big Cat Diary’, temporary residence of the ‘Great Migration’, mighty Maasai warriors and some of the most luxurious safari lodges on earth.

The Masai Mara features a stunning kaleidoscope of wild and rugged landscapes, warm and welcoming people and an exciting array of creatures – big and small. World famous for hosting the epic Great Migration, the Masai Mara welcomes 1,5 million wildebeests onto its sprawling savannahs each July through October. The Masai Mara National Reserve and conservancies are brimming with life and offer safari travellers a wide variety of activities to choose from. Whether you take to the skies for a high-flying hot-air balloon adventure at sunrise or hit the road for a 4x4 safari, you’re sure to leave the Masai Mara with unforgettable experiences and lifelong memories.

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Going on a Masai Mara safari

Part of the fun of going on safari is planning your safari. We’ve been there... and know how it feels. As avid travellers we can imagine you have loads of questions while planning your trip to the Masai Mara. Very few places on earth are as unspoilt, adventurous and authentic as the Mara eco-system.

Reading up on the Masai Mara, finding out what you might encounter, exploring your accommodation options... we've done most of the work for you and created this site to help you find all the answers to any questions you may have. To top it off, we've brought together a top-notch collection of Masai Mara safari lodges and camps for you to choose from. Naturally, we're only an e-mail or message away if you need a little extra help planning your safari.

  • As newbie safari travellers, we were blown away by our experience of the Conservatory - the animals in abundance; the landscapes; the people; the smells and sounds.

    NIwoman on Tripadvisor
  • It was an amazing experience to actually see the river crossings, that we had seen so many times on TV during the wildebeest migration.

    John H on Tripadvisor
  • We saw a leopard on a tree and we were lucky enough to watch four lionesses and three cubs eating a fresh hunt. In the evening safari we were able to explore a massive variety of hippopotamus and a crocodile.

    Naina-Damani on Tripadvisor
Masai Mara accommodation

Masai Mara lodges & camps

The Masai Mara is rough and rugged, however you don't have to rough it during your stay. Eco-chic safari lodges with four-poster beds, sundowners with your favourite G&T and infinity pools overlooking the African savanna await.

We’ve selected a variety of warm and welcoming Masai Mara safari lodges and camps for you to choose from during your stay. Each of the accommodation options we’ve selected is known for offering premium safari activities, first-class accommodation and every creature comfort you could wish for during your stay.

Masai Mara lodges we love

We would like to share a few accommodation options with you for your stay in the Masai Mara. Our safari lodge options come in a variety of price ranges, giving you plenty of possibilities to find the right Masai Mara safari camp for your travel budget.

Keep in mind that the following are simply suggestions. We offer tailor-made safari experiences and look forward to creating just the right mix of Masai Mara safari accommodation and activities based on your personal preferences. We look forward to helping you create the bespoke Masai Mara safari of your dreams.

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  • There were lion cubs galore, a baby zebra born in front of my eyes, pretty much everything an avid photographer could hope for.

    MsSparkles on Tripadvisor
  • The Maasai people were extremely welcoming, and were there to make sure our experience was nothing but the best. We will definitely be back.

    Gary M on Tripadvisor
  • The Big 5 and more - giraffes, zebras, hippos, lions with their families, cheetahs and hundreds of wildebeests - no shortage of amazing game sightings every day...

    veer2808 on Tripadvisor
Masai Mara highlights

Masai Mara highlights

The Masai Mara is a dream come true for everyone who ever watched ‘Out of Africa’ and longed for the adventurous, romantic nostalgia of an African safari in the wild. The Great Migration, big cats and Maasai warriors await.

The Masai Mara is a photographer's paradise. This region is known for pristine riverine forests, dramatic towering escarpments, stunning sprawling savannahs and of course... all the creatures, big and small, that roam the land. Add a visit to a Maasai village to your stay for a cultural immersion and gain some insight in the day-to-day life of your hosts. For an extra special birds-eye view of the African plains, take to the skies during a hot-air balloon safari. When it comes to crafting the safari of your dreams, the sky is the limit.

  • Conservancies in Kenya are the way to go; protecting the extraordinary wildlife whilst giving the local community an income, together with education on the interaction between the two.

    janpyesafari on Tripadvisor
  • Wonderful area for wildlife viewing. Having been there twice both times were awesome experiences! Will return again.

    Anna H on Tripadvisor
  • The highlight of our trip to Mara was seeing the migration at the Mara river. A once in a lifetime experience to see the Wildebeest migrating. An amazing scene of nature it was.

    Hesmailji on Tripadvisor
Masai Mara video

Masai Mara video

The best way of understanding what the Masai Mara and its conservancies are about is by seeing some thrilling footage from the area. Watch this video to experience Kenya's Masai Mara, its splendour and to meet some of our celebrity wildlife species.

Be careful, after watching this video you can be sure that you want to travel to Kenya. Today.

Masai Mara - Kenya
  • We saw 8 lions in one drive, and a hippo pod being circled by a dozen crocodiles that launched into the water, trying to get the baby hippos in the center of the pod. Wow!

    Sea on Tripadvisor
  • I was fortunate that when I was recently in the Mara North Conservancy there were so few tourists. I saw plenty of wildlife. The sightings of big cats were especially good.

    africanman_840 on Tripadvisor
  • The Mara Triangle is the most beautiful, lush area of the Masai Mara. Loads of elephants and all types of wildlife without all the land cruiser traffic found in other areas of the Mara.

    Linda V on Tripadvisor

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