Basecamp Adventure

Lodge location Near Talek Gate

A haven of sustainable and affordable comfort

Venture into the heart of Kenya’s breathtaking Masai Mara, where Basecamp Adventure seamlessly merges the allure of affordable pricing with the principles of eco-friendly luxury. Set amidst the untamed beauty of one of Africa's most famed reserves, the camp is a sanctuary for those seeking an escape into the wilderness without forsaking comfort or the well-being of the planet.

At a glance

Safari game drive

Explore the Masai Mara

Exciting safari game drives are included.
Nearest airport

Nearest airport

Easy access through Ol Kiombo Airstrip.
Tented accommodation

Comfortable tented rooms

Just 6 luxury rooms at Basecamp Adventure.
Wildlife great migration

Great Migration

Prime migration location between July and September.
Hot air balloon

Catch a balloon

Hot air balloon safaris are available (additional cost).
Cultural excursion

Meet your hosts

Community experiences available.
Child friendly

Bring the family

Basecamp Masai Mara welcomes children of all ages.
Sensational wildlife viewing

Sensational wildlife viewing

Just a stone's throw away from the Mara.
Family rooms

Stay together

Basecamp has one family tent.

Stay connected

Wi-fi is available at Basecamp Masai Mara.

Welcome to Basecamp Adventure: budget meets comfort

In embracing the spirit of the Masai Mara, Basecamp Adventure serves as a gateway to an authentic safari adventure. Here, amidst the vastness of the savannah, guests are invited to live in harmony with nature, experiencing its wonders firsthand. This connection extends beyond mere observation, offering an engagement with the land, its wildlife, and the people who call it home. By choosing to stay at Basecamp Adventure, you're not just selecting a destination; you're becoming part of a community dedicated to conservation and sustainable tourism.

Basecamp Adventure redefines the concept of safari accommodations, merging the allure of budget-friendly pricing with the luxury of six spacious tents that seamlessly blend into the surrounding Masai Mara landscape. These aren't mere shelters; they are spaces of comfort, designed to offer a seamless blend of rustic elegance, environmental stewardship, and affordability. Each tent, equipped with twin or double beds, bio-flush toilets, and solar-heated showers, stands as a testament to how sustainable luxury can be accessible to more travelers. The private terrace of each tent unfolds into a private haven, with seating that invites you to unwind and soak in the magnificent vistas of the Mara plains. As dusk falls, the tents transform into cozy retreats under the expansive African skies, serenaded by the symphony of the wild.

The camp’s ethos is deeply rooted in eco-friendliness and harmony with nature, highlighted by earthy furnishings and decorations that mirror the Mara's colours. This commitment extends beyond aesthetics, embracing the use of natural materials and the integration of traditional Maasai craftsmanship. These spaces are not only comfortable but also a nod to the rich cultural heritage of the local community. Outdoor showers provide a thrilling chance to connect with nature intimately, ensuring privacy and a unique luxury that respects both your budget and the environment.

Activities at Basecamp Adventure

Basecamp Adventure is not just about comfortable accommodations; it's an all-encompassing safari experience. The camp’s prime wildlife viewing opportunities are unparalleled, with the Masai Mara's rich biodiversity at your doorstep. Whether it's the thrilling river crossings of the Great Migration or the quiet moments observing the daily life of the savannah’s inhabitants, Basecamp Adventure puts you at the center of it all. The camp offers a range of activities to enhance your safari experience, from guided day game drives to cultural walks through local Maasai villages. For families, the Young Explorers Club and the Enjoolata Educational Centre offer engaging learning experiences about local wildlife and Maasai culture.

At Basecamp Adventure, safari goes beyond wildlife spotting. It's about forming a deeper connection with nature and the local communities. Guests are invited to partake in activities such as picnics, bush meals, and sundowners in the wilderness, providing intimate encounters with the vast landscapes of the Masai Mara. The camp’s engagement with the local Maasai community and its dedication to conservation efforts are evident in initiatives like the Maasai Women Arts & Crafts Centre and the tree nursery tour with tree planting, promoting sustainable development and biodiversity restoration in the region.

Tripadvisor comments Basecamp Masai Mara

We specifically wanted an authentic not "plastic" kind of holiday and we werent disappointed . From the moment we were picked up the airstrip we were blown away. We saw a giraffe with a calf that was right in front of us.

Helen H

The camp is simply stunning. A challenging walk across a slightly wobbly bridge over the river brings you into the camp. The tents are wonderfully appointed. Comfortable beds, indoor and outdoor showers, and with verandas overlooking the river where we saw all sorts of wildlife coming and going from the comfort of our swing chair.

Leejohn247 from Thornton, UK