Kicheche Valley Camp

Lodge location Naboisho Conservancy

A secluded paradise where wildlife roams free

The Naboisho Conservancy is home to a variety of habitats that make it a paradise for big cats, elephants, giraffes and an extensive selection of rare birds. With three resident lion prides and three prides that move from Ol Kinyei to Naboisho along with countless cheetah coalitions, Kicheche Valley Camp provides a fantastic opportunity for guests to witness Africa’s most fearsome predators as they bask in the glorious sunshine and stalk their prey.

At a glance

Safari game drive

Explore Naboisho

Exciting safari game drives are included.
Cultural excursion

Meet your hosts

Community Maasai experiences available (additional cost).
Tented accommodation

Luxurious tented rooms

Just 6 luxury rooms at Kicheche Valley Camp.
Nearest airport

Nearest airport

Easy access through Ol Seki Airstrip (30 minutes away).
Safari bush walk

Walk on the wild side

Safari bush walks are included.
Child friendly

Bring the family

Children of all ages are welcome at Kicheche Valley.
Hot air balloon

Catch a balloon

Hot air balloon safaris are available (additional cost).
Sensational wildlife viewing

Sensational wildlife viewing

Prime location for viewing lions.

Stay connected

Limited Wi-fi is available at Kicheche Valley Camp.

An intimate luxury tented camp within the secluded valley

Kicheche Valley Camp offers a home away from home with plenty of personal touches that make the camp a pleasure to stay. With just a few guests allowed at a time, Kicheche Valley Camp ensures each guest enjoys a truly unforgettable stay at this special location within the Naboisho Conservancy. Set in a secluded, wooded valley underneath glorious acacia trees, Kicheche Valley Camp is in the heart of the Naboisho Conservancy where guests can expect to see plentiful wildlife within the untamed natural landscape. Raised on platforms above the Moliband stream and close to a local spring, guests of Kicheche Valley Camp connect with nature in the most intimate ways possible.

The camp attracts plenty of wildlife and boasts the highest population of giraffes in the Greater Masai Mara. Carefully cared for by the local community, the Naboisho Conservancy is home to many of Africa’s ‘Big Five’, including big cats, elephants and other beautiful mammals. Thanks to its surroundings, Kicheche Valley Camp also welcomes a host of rare birds including bush pipits, northern white-crowned shrikes, pygmy falcons and white-headed buffalo weavers, making it a paradise for bird watchers.

Kicheche Valley Camp caters for a small selection of guests with just six luxurious tents for guests to choose from. The limited number of guests makes it possible for Kicheche Valley to offer personalized touches of luxury with superb service, excellent amenities and comforting surroundings. Set on raised platforms, each tent is built in a unique style to offer every guest a truly unique stay. Ultra-comfortable beds indulge Kicheche Valley Camp guests crafted from cedar wood and soft rug furnishings. Each tent has an en-suite bathroom with a shower and running water for convenience. Complete with an open viewing deck that boasts views across the African savannah, guests of Kicheche Valley love to spend an hour or two watching the world go by.

The camp’s communal areas are no less delightful, with a luxurious lounge overlooking the natural spring and a luxurious dining area where guests enjoy homemade meals throughout the day. Positioned on a terrace within a spacious tent, every space within the camp is characterized by open viewing plains across and adorned by traditional, ornate wooden furnishings and classic animal-print accents. The small shop is the perfect place for guests to go before heading back home, adorned with handcrafted goodies and treats to remember the trip of a lifetime.

Activities at Kicheche Valley Camp

Safari game drives and walks are one of the best and most popular activities for guests to enjoy during a stay at Kicheche Valley Camp. Led by qualified guides with exceptional personal knowledge and experience of the Naboisho Conservancy and wider bush, guests are delighted on a true safari of the senses in one of the most densely populated game areas in Kenya.

Game drives and walks take place twice daily at a time that suits you best. At Kicheche Valley Camp, guests are encouraged to relax in a calm, carefree environment. That’s why no hard and fast rules exist during excursions – guests can pick their activities based on their own schedule. The durations and frequencies of a game drive and walk are flexible to meet the needs of every guest, allowing you to feel at home within the camp.

You can also take to the skies to enjoy a bird's-eye view of the conservancy from a hot-air balloon. Departing at dawn and sweeping high above the natural landscape, guests are delighted by this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. All hot-air balloon safaris are complete with a game drive and bush breakfast comprising sparkling wine and other delicious foods. Please note that this activity comes at an additional cost.

Kicheche Valley Camp also encourages you to attend an excursion to a local village where you can learn more about the local area and how the surrounding communities live to protect and preserve the beauty of the Naboisho Conservancy.

Tripadvisor comments Kicheche Valley Camp

What an amazing experience. A secluded 6 tent safari camp set in an extraordinarily beautiful conservancy in the Mara that is brimming with life. A 43 strong lion pride dominates the conservancy that contains huge herds of buffalo, wildebeast, zebra, giraffe and several leopards.

James A

The Kicheche Valley Camp itself is outstanding. There are only 6 tents and they are well spaced out giving you a lot of privacy and an old school safari feel. We usually had animals outside our tent – zebra, wildebeest, cape buffalo and giraffe. The tents themselves are outstanding and spacious.

adventurel0ver from Columbia